www.jetbluemastercard.com – How to activate JetBlue MasterCard

www.jetbluemastercard.com – How to activate JetBlue MasterCard



Barclays’ JetBlue Mastercards are well-liked and frequently used by customers. There are four different JetBlue Mastercards offered by Barclays, and getting one of their service cards is simple. Activating it online is also quick and easy.


It is necessary to activate your JetBlue Mastercards at www.jetbluemastercard.com to make use of the hassle-free services. Once the activation process is complete, you can easily make payments both offline and online and make purchases of your favorite goods. This article will provide guidelines that you can simply follow to finish the process.








  • NOTE: Before starting the activation stages, make sure to have your card information close at hand because you’ll need to enter it.


Activate JetBlue Mastercard via online

  • Start by going to cards.barclaycardus.com on your computer or mobile device and using a web browser to see Barclay’s homepage.
  • To contact us, hit the Contact Us link after lowering your cursor to the bottom of the homepage. You will be directed to the following page by this.
  • Go to the Credit Card Activation area on the next screen and enter your card information.
  • After that, call the number provided to begin the process. Currently, (877) 408-8866 is the phone number for credit card activation.


Activate JetBlue Mastercard via the official website

  • JetBlue Mastercard activation is also possible through the official website. These are the tried-and-true steps:


  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official website URL www.jetbluemastercard.com on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • You must first check into your Barclays account on the activation page if you already have a card; otherwise, you must finish the sign-up process.
  • To successfully log in, enter your key-in information, including your username and password, in the fields provided.
  • To continue, click the “Login” button now.


NOTE: If you are a new cardholder, you must click the “Activate my card now” button located on the same page in the “new card member” section.

Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions to finish the JetBlue MasterCard activation procedure after completing the login steps.



  • Barclays is a well-known international investment bank and provider of financial services that offer the four guiding principles of business. You will be happy to know that the organization offers a large choice of credit/debit cards to consumers if you decide to use its banking services. Below are some of the standout characteristics of JetBlue Mastercards.


  • The card’s annual fee is zero.
  • After spending $1,000 in the first three months after acquiring the credit card, a user will receive 15,000 bonus points.
  • Major Reward: Earn 3x points when you fly on JetBlue, 2x points when you eat out, and 1x points for all other transactions.
  • Benefits of Traveling: You will receive a 50% discount on all in-flight purchases, including food, drinks, and other items. Using an embedded EMV chip will exclude any foreign transaction costs.
  • TrueBlue Points: TrueBlue is one of the top frequent flyer programs offered by JetBlue. TrueBlue points can be redeemed for flights on JetBlue with such effortless ease. What makes it so special is that the TrueBlue points are entirely transferable, unlike those offered by other airlines.



  • The card’s annual fee is $99
  • 40,000 bonus points are available as part of the sign-up offer if you spend $1,000 within the first three months of getting your credit card.
  • Major Rewards: 6x JetBlue points, 2x dining and grocery points, and 1x other points. Additionally, each time your card is renewed and your card charge is paid, you can gain an extra 5,000 bonus points.
  • Travel Benefits: Every time you redeem money from your account, you will receive 10% bonus points. In addition, consumers can get a 50% discount on any other in-flight purchases, including food and drinks. In addition, if you buy a $100 or more JetBlue Getaways Vacation Package, you’ll have the chance to earn up to $100 in statement credits each year.
  • Using an embedded EMV chip will exclude any foreign transaction costs.


Conclusion: The JetBlue MasterCard will work for you if you’re seeking a no-fee card with excellent offers and programs. As soon as you have sufficient knowledge regarding the JetBlue Mastercard, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Following your selection of the appropriate JetBlue Mastercard, its activation will come next. And all you have to do to successfully activate your JetBlue MasterCard is adhere to the activation steps we’ve provided in this article.