www.turbotax.com – How to check your TurboTax tax refund status

You can quickly track your federal tax refund and stay up to current on its status with TurboTax Track My Refund. You can also take certain actions in the interim to guarantee that your tax return is processed fast and effectively. Make sure you have all the required paperwork and forms before anything else. Then, review your return once again for any mistakes or errors.

You may ensure that your tax refund arrives as quickly as possible by following these easy procedures. And you can easily track its advancement using TurboTax Track My Refund. Visit the IRS Where’s My Refund? website to trace your refund. submit your information on the website to find out how long it will take for your refund to process. Simply refer to this article, where we will cover the entire process of checking your tax status, to learn the processes involved.


Waiting period

  • You must wait a minimum of three days before submitting your taxes to start using the TurboTax refund tracker.
  • Once it is updated on its website and is approved by the IRS, you can continue with the tracking procedure.

The tax return should be collected:

  • Before beginning the TurboTax login process, which has been advised to every user, you can gather some pertinent data regarding the tax return.
  • For future use, you should save a copy of your tax return because you’ll need details like your SSN (Social Security number), filing status, and the precise amount of your tax refund.


Check out “Where is my Refund”:

  • When you arrive at this part, you are prompted to enter information into three boxes. You must enter your filing status, the precise amount of your refund, and your Social Security number.
  • You will see the refund status when you select the “Submit” option.



  • You must first understand the full process and the length of time required before beginning anything. Here is a quick summary of the entire procedure:


  • In the first instance, you must keep an eye out for the e-file within 24 to 48 hours. You can use IRS and select the “Where is my fund?” option to check this.’’. For about four weeks after mailing your paper tax return, it won’t be possible to check on the status of the tax.
  • As soon as you receive the “Receive notice” notice, you have 24 to 48 hours after e-filing to return the notice. You may access the feature on the IRS website called “My Refund Tool,” which will let you know when a return has been received. If you haven’t gotten a confirmation, the IRS hasn’t yet started processing your tax return.
  • Only until the IRS has approved the tax return will the status change from “Received” to “Approved”. You can learn more about its status in this manner. If your tax return hasn’t been authorized, neither the status nor the “Where is my fund” option will function or display anything.
  • The “Where My Return” tool will display the date of the refund. It is an IRS tool. As soon as the status is changed from “Received to approved,” the date of the refund will be displayed.
  • Recognize that your tax refund is sent when the IRS’s “Where is my refund?” service is used.
  • The text “Refund sent” is displayed on the screen. This shows that your tax return has been transmitted to a reputable financial institution via fixed deposit, where you will receive your tax refund.
  • If you choose the mail option, the time required will be increased. The banking institution typically takes 1 to 5 days, but if you mail it, it could take up to a week.



  • Direct deposit and e-filing tax returns are the quickest ways to receive your federal tax refund. According to the IRS, out of a total of 10 e-filed tax returns, at least 9 of them get processed further through Direct Deposit within a 21-day window.
  • Taking into account the date that the IRS received your tax returns, the standard processing period for refunds is between 6 and 8 weeks.


That’s it; you can now log into TurboTax and check the status of your refund.