www.amazon.com – How to pair a new Firestick Remote without the old one

www.amazon.com – How to pair a new Firestick Remote without the old one



Do you occasionally lose your remote control? When that occurs, using our Amazon Firestick device could be challenging. The remote is a really useful tiny device that makes using our TV equipment simple. Therefore, the time to buy a new remote is when you are in the position of losing it or simply have misplaced it and can’t seem to find it.


You should be aware of how to link a new remote with your Amazon Firestick. It may sound simple and easy to pair a new remote with our Amazon Firestick device, but it may be challenging if the old one isn’t there. Fortunately, there are still a few methods you can employ to finish the pairing without the old remote. To discover these methods and the actions to take to connect a replacement firestick remote without using the old remote, read this article.








  • Using the methods mentioned here, you can pair a firestick remote with a TV without using the old one.


Method 1: Use the Fire TV app

  • Installing the Fire TV app on your smartphone will allow you to use it as a remote control if you have one. If one follows the directions precisely as they are stated, the setting up process goes extremely well.


Steps in installing the app on your Fire TV

  • To connect your smartphone to your Fire TV after downloading the Fire TV app, switch on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • To complete these instructions, you must be close to the television on which your Firestick is placed.
  • You should see a popup invitation to connect your Fire TV and use your phone as a remote control when you first launch the Fire Stick app on your smartphone.
  • If you have more than one Fire TV, select the one you want to pair from the list on your current Fire TV, and a pop-up window will appear requesting you to input a four-digit code.
  • When you enter the code correctly, your phone’s screen will resemble the top of a Firestick controller.


Steps in setting up the Amazon Fire TV’s remote controllers

  • To access the Fire TV app store, select one of the three little squares with a plus sign in the upper left corner of the home screen.
  • You can use some, but not all, of the features that are typically only available with the Fire Stick remote while using your smartphone’s remote in place of the Fire Stick.
  • The good news is that your smartphone has features that a Firestick control does not, so that’s something. The main advantage of using a new replacement remote in connection with your smartphone is that you can now configure it to always provide remote functionality for any Fire TV.


Steps in connecting your new Firestick remote

  • Go to the settings section of your Fire TV after connecting your smartphone.
  • Then select the drop-down menu’s “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices” option.
  • By choosing the remote that comes with the Amazon Fire TV stick, you can add a different remote.
  • Connect your new remote after that, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • By following the above instructions, you can use the mobile app on your phone to connect to any Fire TV, and doing so won’t interfere with the connection between your Fire TV stick and a standard remote. This flexibility can be useful if you accidentally left your Firestick remote across the room and don’t want to get up to fetch it or if your remote has gone lost for an extended time.


Method 2: Use an external remote control

  • For your TV remote to be able to operate your Firestick while connected over HDMI, you must turn on HDMI-CEC.
  • To link a third-party remote control with Fire TV while utilizing specific setups, you might need to follow the on-screen directions.
  • The TV remote will only have a very limited amount of control over your Firestick after HDMI-CEC is activated.
  • Once your TV remote has been programmed, you may use it to explore the Fire TV screen and link the new Fire Stick remote to it.


So that’s how you pair a new firestick remote without an existing one. Remove the old remote from the device list after pairing the new one.