www.psvue.com – How to activate PlayStation Vue on a Roku device

www.psvue.com – How to activate PlayStation Vue on a Roku device



You cannot dispute the fact that the activation process has become simple to carry out as a result of the significant technological advancement reported in the streaming business. The activation process for PS Vue on Roku is one that you may obtain online from a website similar to ours. All of this is now simple to complete anytime you use the service and will eventually allow you to take advantage of its features and services.


You only need to add PlayStation Vue to a Roku device by going to the channel store, and then you can utilize the official activation link at www.psvue.com to turn on PS Vue on your Roku media player. You will be given an activation code when you access it, and after that, it will only ask you to do the remaining procedures. Simply continue reading this article through to the end to learn all the information.









  • This article explains how to use the www.psvue.com activation URL to activate PS Vue on Roku. When you complete the PlayStation Vue on Roku activation process, you may start streaming your preferred content online.



  • Install the app first, then activate it on your Roku device to take advantage of PlayStation Vue’s uninterrupted services.


  • Note: To install the app, make sure you have a working Roku account.
  • Log into your Roku account using your legitimate login information to get started.
  • Search for the PlayStation Vue app in the Channel Store on your Roku device and choose it from the list of results.
  • Go to the app preview page now and select “Download” from the menu.
  • The PS Vue channel application must then be installed on your Roku media player once you press the download option.
  • You will then be instructed to visit www.psvue.com and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.
  • You must use psvue.com to activate the channel app on Roku once you have finished downloading and installing it.




  • Simply follow the instructions below to activate PlayStation Vue on Roku with simplicity.


  • Press the “home” button on your Roku remote to get started. You can do this to reach and launch the Roku home screen.
  • Select the “Menu” option after that, then move on to the “Streaming Channels” option by clicking on it.
  • Press OK to access the Roku channel shop immediately in front of you by selecting the streaming channels category.
  • Find the “PlayStation Vue activate” channel in the channel shop and follow the on-screen instructions to continue.
  • The option “Add Channel” should be chosen and clicked on in the following stage. To add the PS Vue channel to your Roku TV, select OK.
  • Finally, the PlayStation Vue channel will be added to Roku by following all of the outlined instructions.
  • Simply purchase a PlayStation Vue Channel membership to begin using the services, then enjoy watching the shows and channels on your PlayStation.


HOW TO ACTIVATE PS VUE ACTIVATE ON ROKU VIA www.psvue.com/activate/roku   

  • Note: You must already have a PlayStation Vue channel subscription plan to start the activation stage.
  • By pushing the home button on the Roku remote, you can access the Roku home screen.
  • For a psvue.com/activate Roku activation code, open the PlayStation Vue application that has been installed. Make sure to write down or copy this code since it is necessary to activate the channel on Your Roku Device.
  • You will be required to input the code in the appropriate tab after visiting the official psvue.com/activate Roku URL.
  • You will be prompted to choose between paying channel subscription fees with a credit card or PayPal on the next screen.
  • A success message is emailed to you and shown on your Roku TV screen once the procedure is finished.
  • Your streaming device will now add and activate the PlayStation channel app.
  • The best TV shows, comedies, dramas, and films are now instantly accessible through the PlayStation channel on your Roku.


In conclusion, PS Vue, which falls under the Sony brand, is where you can easily get the highest-caliber content. One needs to download and install the channel app on their Roku device to finish the PS Vue and activate the Roku process. You may easily watch live TV and take advantage of PlayStation DVR video streaming after configuring the channel app on smart players like Roku.