www.developer.amazon.com – How to enable Developer options on Amazon Fire TV

www.developer.amazon.com – How to enable Developer options on Amazon Fire TV



When considering an upgrade for your device, we anticipate it will include a new feature that will help us while using it. One feature that comes with the Amazon Fire TV device allows you to install programs from sources. If you want to watch a show from another source or enable ADB debugging on your Amazon device, you must access the “Developer Option” option on your Amazon Fire TV.


However, due to a modification made by Amazon itself, this menu is now always hidden by default. This occurred after a software update that covered up the menu was applied. Fortunately, you may still activate the developer menu on your smartphone by selecting one of the options. To enable developer options on Fire TV devices so that you can use them, we will lead you through the procedure.








  • We will provide here the instructions on how to turn it on for your convenience after an upgrade made it hidden by default. Enable Developer settings on Fire TV by following these steps:


  • You must first select the gear icon on your Fire TV’s home screen to enable Developer Options. The menu for adjusting the settings will then become visible.
  • The settings menu will appear; choose “My Fire TV.”
  • When you select “My Fire TV,” a menu will display; select “About.”
  • Select the first option seven times on the “About” screen. This will make your Fire TV device’s name visible.
  • When you do this, a countdown indicating when the menu will be available will show up at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will eventually be allowed to access the Developer Options menu after the countdown notification concludes with “No Need, You Are Already a Developer.”
  • Back up a screen to the “My Fire TV” page to go to the “Developer Options” menu.
  • This menu was previously concealed but is now shown after following the instruction thoroughly.



You can enable features like ADB debugging and the ability to install software from sources other than the official Amazon Appstore by selecting this option. And with that, the first phase of customizing your Amazon Firestick device has been successfully finished.


Until you manually reset your Fire TV device, the menu will remain there permanently. For the great majority of people, the main purpose of ever seeing this menu is to download third-party software via a program like Downloader. The only other reason to ever use this menu is for this. Even if the Downloader tool is offered by Amazon, you must first choose the key option for unknown sources before you can use it to install anything.


Conclusion: To install applications from sources other than the Amazon App store, you must enable Developer Options on Fire TV. You may now jailbreak your Fire TV device to put sideloaded versions of your favored apps on it because you have access to the Developer Options menu. Now that you know how to enable the Developer option completely, maybe you can use the new feature and function that has been added to your Amazon Fire TV device.